Container securing systems
Container securing systems are composed with various lashing devices through a certain way to secure the containers during transportation...
Container securing devices
Including fixed fittings(Such as Lashing plate、D ring、Foundation、Guide block etc.)and loosefittings(Such as semi-automatic twist lock、Midlock、Lashingrod、Turnbuckle、Stackers etc.)two parts.
Securing systems and devices for roro ships
Ro-Ro ship`s securing devices including fixed fittings(Crinkle bar、Dring、Cloverleaves etc.)and loose fittings(Lashing chain、Tension levers、Speedlash、Webbing lashing etc.).
Train securing devices
Products for Railway Container Transport and cargo securing ,including Intermediate twistlocks、Fully Automatic Bottom lock、. Lashing chain、Lashing wire rope and Turnbuckle etc.
Lifting equipments

As a supplier of lifting beams and lifting gear world-wide,KUNSHAN LUCKYSEA(KLS) complete sets of beams and wires,for a large range of applications.

Other products

Flat rack、Actuator pole、Storage bin、Garment bar、Reefer Platform etc.

Our professional service team provides technical consultation and service. We can also provide on-site service and give our advice on the usage and security. The guidance about standard of replacement or maintenance can be made so that the crews will know when to replace and maintain the existing securing devices.


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